First Impression Of UK

            This is my first time come to Europe and I come from Malaysia which have only summer and spring season. I arrived UK at night on 15 of January 2012 , it is still in winter season but I feel comfortable when I walking in the airport but once I exit the airport to the taxi , I was shocked by the coldness of the weather then I started to miss my home town . After I move in to my homestay everything started to get better. I walk around Brighton city on the next day, the beach is fantastic, I always wanted to live near the beach so this is quite excited for me. The people I have met so far are really nice, there have nothing to complain about but one thing is have to say is the weather have disappointed me. I thought summer will be sunny all day but it keeps on raining. Besides that, everything is really nice and fun .I will be studying the Engineering Foundation course for 8 month and hope that I can get into the University of Southampton, I really interested in Mechanical Engineering so wish that I can have the opportunity to study at University of Southampton. If I lucky, I hope that I can get a job at UK to gain my experience and also to learn more knowledge which I can’t learn it from my own country.  My dream job will be working in a F1 team.


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