A Different Study Experience

              When I first started my engineering foundation course at Bellerbys College, I found that the teaching style of teachers from each subjects are so different compare to my study experience at my own country. Teacher will use a lot of real life example to explain how the formula or equation work instead of just memorize them. This makes the subject more interesting and we can also apply these knowledge to understand what had happen around us and it is also the first time i think those equation or formula are very useful. Helping us to increase the understanding of physic or math, exercises are given to us so that we can solve the problem by ourselves and also find out where is our weakness. If you done all the exercise, you are always really to sit for a test and I have a good result so far. The classroom is not so big but enough for 13 students to study inside and I feel comfortable but sometime will feel a little bit cold maybe because of the unpredictable weather of UK.

           Beside studying, rest of the time I will be hanging out with my friends or classmates, it is also really fun to meet people around Brighton because you will never know what kind of people or which country of people you will meet  which is very exciting. I have learned a lot of knowledge from my friends especially my classmates because most of them are from different country and we share our culture or life with each other which I think is priceless.

           Come to a new place make you feel fresh, now I feel exciting very day and energized which make me feel good. Not everyone is as lucky as me that can come go overseas to study want I interested so I will use this opportunity to improve my knowledge and also meet more friends especially girls, just kidding. Anywhere, by the time I go back to my own country I will become a new man which I wanted to be, that is my goal.


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