Foundation English Class

                The reason why I study Foundation English course is because I want to improve my English skills such as speaking, listening, writing and reading. I come from Malaysia and my country has three main languages because we have three main races which are Malay, Indian and Chinese. My parents both are Chinese so our main language is Mandarin. The Foundation English Course give me a very good opportunity to have a “ English” surrounding which mean all the people around me are using English as their main language to communicate but sometimes I will speak mandarin with some of my Chinese friends.

About academic and general English study, I found that they are quite similar but the only difference is the use of English. For example, academic English is more concentrate on industry language which I will call it the “Working” language. On the other hand, general English will be focus on English language that we will use at our normal life. Although they both are very important but sometimes I will easily get bored on studying academic English because it is quite boring. General English which I think it is more fun on learning it.

I feel comfortable at the class and my classmates are amazing, but the only problem I am facing now is my English speaking. It is hard for me the speak English like I speak mandarin because every time when I talk to someone who is not a Chinese, I have to translate mandarin in my head and then speak out with English so it makes the conversation so slow and so boring. I believe I can make more friends from other country if I can speak English fluently.

Last I have to say all my teachers are so good and they are so funny at their talking style and teaching style which makes a boring subject not boring anymore. I am glad that I can study at here and I learn a lot.


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