My CIT Class


                We are living in a high technology world, where most of our works are done by machine or electrical device. Computer is one of the advance devices that almost everyone has it. So it is very important to learn how to use it in a productive way.

                I have learned a lot of computer knowledge through CIT class, such as PowerPoint and Excel, which are very important tool to help you manage or present your work. This is really helpful for your future job but I have never used those before and I have no idea how to use them. So we will do a daily assignment when we go to CIT class but because this is a short term class which me have don’t have much time and teacher can’t teach us everything but the teacher from CIT class is a very experience teacher, he help me a lot at my daily assignment, sometime I will ask my friends who is good at computer, so I started to learn some knowledge from them, at the end I found myself have the knowledge and skill on using PowerPoint and Excel and I feel happy for it.

                In my opinion, the knowledge of computer will never end, so I will keep on exploring the skill on computing and practice what I have learned.


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