Overall View on Studying at Bellerbys

                Two modules I want to talk about are physic and mechanic which both is the compulsory subject for my further study of Mechanical Engineering in University. Those modules are also my favourite subject among my course at engineering foundation.

                I have been confused by physic and mechanic since I started to study them at my high school, because I always thought mechanic is part of the physic but I am wrong, actually physic and mechanic are separated subject but both can be applied in problem such as engineering development or building construction etc. Mechanic basically is math which is one of the subjects that I good at. Although I found that other subject like English or CIT is fun and enjoyable but I have more passion on physic and mechanic, I think it is because the toys I used to play are all related to physic and mechanic, for example Lego, model cars or robot toy. To become a F1 driver is one of my childhood dreams.

                What makes me fall in love with physic and mechanic is that it allows you to solve problem not only the equation but also the actual problem at the real world. Physic and mechanic are very challenging subjects, so every time when I have solved a problem or an equation it’s really feel good and I found that from solving each equation I can learn new method or theory because some problem is tricky and really need you to spend a lot of time on it but at the end it is just a simple answer which you can use a simple solution to solve it. So have to be flexible on your thought or else you will get stack and get frustrated easily.

                I admit that I good at solving equation but I think it is still not enough, all the knowledge we have studied at school are those physicists or mathematician who has spent all their life to find out the answer but after I have studied the solution from them I wanted to know how can they find it and what knowledge they have in order to find a solution that only his know in the whole world. So I hope when I go to University after I have finished my engineering foundation, there will be all those answer for me, so I am really looking forward to meet my teacher.

                Although I am good at solving equation but I am not perfect so it is very important to have the support from other people but luckily all these people are already around me, they are my classmates. They not only are my classmate, they also my friends. Most of them are come from different country so we often share our culture with each other which is the fun part to have classmate who not come from the same country as you are. We hang out together not only at school but also leisure time; honestly it is good to have them as my friends. Turning to my tutors, basically all of the tutors who have taught me so far are so friendly and full of experience at teaching, but my favourites tutors are Mr Hawthorne my physic tutor, Mr Dixon my mathematic tutor, Mr Butcher my mechanic 2 tutor and my first CIT tutor Mr Perry. They all have a common place, which is the sense of humour. In classes like physic, mathematic, mechanic or CIT, can get boring easily even those are your favourite subjects but those tutor make the class very exciting by adding jokes, extra knowledge or share some news which is related to our course with us, this can refresh our mind then absorb new stuff which I find very useful instead of following the syllabus, it might finish the chapters faster so that we can do our revision but at the end people still not understand what are the chapters talk about, this will affect the result of the student.


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