I Have Graduated

Yes, I Have Graduated !!!

First I want to congrats all my classmates, we have survived through these whole year and we got our graduation certificate. Also congratulation for Alex, the best on maths, and Inacio, the best improvement on english. For me, it is quite surprise to get the best Engineering Student but anywhere I am really happy on that. I should say that, it feels better to receive award at this time because this makes me feel like I am a part of Olympic games and i have won the event, but that is just my feeling, that’s why i so happy right now.

Jason Kenny(Left), Philip Hindes(Center), Chris Hoy(Right)

Talking about Olympic, Great Britain again has performed an impressive result on the Track Cycling event of Team Sprint and also break the world record. I can really feel the tension of the race just by seating in front of the television, they really give all they have to the race which makes the race so good to watch. Sir Chris Hoy has won his fifth gold medal and Jason Kenny has also won his second gold medal in Olympic. After winning the race, they ended up with tears and sweat for all the hardworks they have done and it is really worth it.


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