Time, a really special thing, you can’t see it, you can’t touch it and I don’t even sure I can call it a thing or not but, all of us have our own time and this is the answer when I ask someone what is Time when I was a kid. Is time really important? It is a really interesting question, why? Because the answer will keep changing when you getting older. I am going to talk about, what is time mean to me. When I was a little kid, I hate sleeping, because I will loss a lot of my playing time on sleeping and why should I go to bed, all I want is just playing and I don’t even know what is time. Time pass, I become a teenager, started to get serious on school works but still haven’t given up on playing, because there is always something for you to play and I don’t know why, maybe this is how the world works. As usual, I don’t like to sleep but the reasons are different, it is because of those never ended home works and exams have to prepare but I still don’t really care about my time. Now, I am still not a sleeping lover but I have to admit that I go to bed earlier now it is because I care about my health. Anyway, the reason now I hate sleeping is because, I found that the time pass so fast that I am shocked, I rather stay awake so I can know that how I spend my time than go to sleep. Time seem to be more and more important to me now. You can’t change what had happened yesterday, today is going to be the day that you can’t change at tomorrow, and tomorrow will be the day that you can’t change in the future. When you knew that, you will started to realize how important time is, although there have a lot of quotation are similar to these but all of those quotes are useless until you really understand them.


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