Bye now, Brighton and my lovely friends.

15th January 2012, it is the first time I came to UK and the first city I went was Brighton. It was because I wanted to study engineering foundation for my preparation to University. Excited and a little terrified, that was my feeling.

The first day I went to school, I felt quite uncomfortable because it was a whole new place for me and a lot of people that I have never seen before, especially people from other country. The first one who talks to me in the class is Kelvin, he is one of my classmates, because we come from the same country but soon I started to talk with others. I should admit that I am a shy boy so making new friend is not really what I good at. Soon, I started to get close with my classmates, we went out together, we play, we laugh, we sing and we dance together, what a wonderful memory , I will never forget that.

Time passed fast, eight months have gone, I still feel like I just went in this school and join my foundation engineering class. Tomorrow is the day I go back to my home town and so do my classmates. The sharing, the knowledge and the happiness that you guys brought to me, I will forever remembered.

Thank you my friends and good luck on your upcoming journey. Hope to see you guys soon. Take care.


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