Social Network

After i’ve watched a movie called “The Social Network“. I realised that we actually can do so many useful thing just by sitting in our room with a computer and that might change the world.

Recently i am kinda fall in love with coding, but i am still learning on code academy, which is a totally free website for you to learn the basic of coding. It all happened after i watched a video called What Most Schools Don’t Teach and it tells you how awesome to know how to code. Although my uni has provided courses for coding, but those are too complicated for me and im not complaining my uni, but myself.

We are living in 21 century where computer technology is as common as breathing (I know that is a bad description) but i am trying to say is, people nowadays just wanted to know how to use computer technology but they don’t want to understand how computer technology works and how they are created, that is the fact. Knowing how to use the computer technology but don’t their theory behind it is like speaking a language you have no idea what is the meaning of it. So it is really important for us to know how to code, or else you will soon be falling down behind.

Back to social network. It seems like social network has grown in a dramatically trend every year and i can’t really tell the reason why, some people says because it connect people together, but is it? In my case, social network for me is like a newspaper for updating me, what happen on the earth or how are my friends are doing, but sometime you will see annoying or totally useless thing on the “wall”. But i believe we can use it in a better way, just because the idea of social network is connecting people together.

In my opinion, our society today is all about creativity that are useful and which can improve our human life. In this case, we have to listen to what people are saying, what is their thought and from those information you might invented something very useful. The point is, in state of posting your daily boring life story or duck face on the social network, you can share your idea, even though you thought that is impossible, but it can be happen when people are working together.

Happy social networking !!!


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