My Future

I am at the age of finding myself. To find my own direction for a better future. But i always asking myself the same question, what means better for me and most importantly, what i want to be.

My life is average, i guest. But I always have this vision in my head. I have to say it seems like an unachievable way for my future, or maybe it is not. Maybe because i was inspired by the movie that make my thinking become unrealistic, but what if our world should be like what movies have shown, a limitless world, a world without any worried, you can do whatever you want to. Is hard to find yourself while there are too many distraction  around you, it might sometime lead you to the wrong direction.

People say path, is created by walking on it, so should i follow my vision, or maybe the obstacle in front of me right now is just a check point on the path of my life journey. This is the time when questions meet decisions.

For me, i feel really grateful for all the thing i have right now, but the question still remind, is this the way i want? Am i on the correct path i suppose to be or there is no right or wrong path for our life?

my future………


One thought on “My Future

  1. Just read through this. Im an overcomer on everything u just said i remember how i doubt on alot of things when i was studying. My suggestion is this is the road that you chosen and don’t ever regret about it. You will never know what and how the outcome will be but never doubt of your future. Somehow it’s what you do to change your future not how you think of your future. And to answer your question there are really no right or wrong path for your life (doesn’t apply if you plan to kill someone or put someone life in danger) is how you learn from the mistake u made and how you make your path a better path.

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