Final Exam

After this week, it will be my first year of Mechanical Engineering final exam. Confident on it? I don’t really know and this is also the first time i felt that way, this feeling sucks. You might think i will going to write something about complaining how hard the modules are or how those lecturers are sucks at teaching, but nope, although those are the truth, but i won’t talk about those today. I want to talk about the way of studying.

A grew up at an asian country, which means everything around me are obeying the asian rules and study is one of them. People around the world think asians are genius, the god of math and blah blah, but you don’t know the pain behind all these complements.

We have a mindset since we are kids. That is you have to get straight A’s in schools, no matter how much you like the subject or hate it, you still have to figure out how to fall in love with it. These rules make study become so unpleasant that we won’t touch any of the materials that are related to school after we finish our class and teacher will keep on reminding us to revise what we have learnt on that day when we get back, but seriously, i haven’t done once in my life so far and you must be crazy to do that if you are an asian(no offends for those who actually did it, peace.). Now the problem has come, we don’t revise what we have learnt on a daily basis, so we will easily forget what we have learnt which is a common sense. The worst part of the problem is, it will only grow but diminish and we only start reading on our books one week before the final exam, which make study even more unpleasant now. All of these will leads to intense hardcore study for all the material have been taught along the year just in one week, that is just so stress. But At the end we still …… past our exam and have a flying colour result, because we are asian, this is how we do. But sadly, I have become a surface learner, because i learn what is going to come out at test instead of the theory behind of it. Conclusion is, I know nothing, how sad to say it by myself.

Anywhere, for people who are doing the same mistake as i right now, please change your learning style, it will save you a lot of sleeping time when you are studying in University.


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