Today, A friend posted something on his facebook’s status, something personal and quite serious, but luckily, all of that have already past.

Honestly, I feel sad when I saw that status, but i should be happy and feel proud of him. Not because I wanted him to continue suffering. I feel sad because, I don’t even know he is suffering during that period of time. This let me wonder what really happening between our friendship.

We have been friends since the first day I step into my high school, well technically we make friend with each other the next couple days after, because he looks like a douchebag when on first day I saw him and, on my mind, I will never make friend with this kind of people, but at the end we are still friend. 

He is always a leader in our friends group, not because he wanted to be a leader, He already is a leader I guess. He used to do a lot of bad things around the school or even outside the school and I am a very follow-the-rule-then-you-will-be-fine person so I never ask or involve in any of his outside activity. I think because of that, we kind of building a distance between us.

It hurt when someone you think is close to you never share their feeling with you. Almost 8 years of friendship, I thought we are bros, but am I the only one who think that way? I’m not blaming anyone or him, I blame myself. I want to say sorry to him for not being helpful when he need it the most. Maybe I should care more people around me instead of myself, shame on me. 


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