Leaving my room

Due to some of my horrible mistake, i have taken the wrong time of the end date of my accommodation and booked my flight ticket four days after the end date, which means I might have to sleep on the street if i can’t find a place to move in today. But luckily, with the help of my friends, i have found myself a “shelter” for these four more days. It is exciting but scary too.

Packing is tiring and I really hate it, but it have to be done. Just realize I have brought some much useless stuff to the hall. Anyway, after i have packed all my stuff, I feel quite emotional when i look at the room. 

I spend most of my time in my room, it is where i study, eating, sleeping or sometime exercising. It is not a big room but it fit all the stuff I brought and that is fairly enough for me. 


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