Let’s Restart !!!

It’s been a while since my post on my blog. A lot of things happen, but i didn’t manage to share those stuff, by the way i’m always not a fan of sharing, just too lazy to do that. Anyway, it’s time for me to fill up this blog with some of the stuff that have happened recently.

After a three months summer break, i return to my university and resume the uni life. So far it’s been quite normal, stress, lack of sleep and never-ending coursework, all of them have also returned. But there is one thing i’m not really happy about myself, which is i seems to get off track already, and the first semester has not even finished yet. Before I started my second year, I’ve made a plan on my study, which is, try to revise every day so that all the material will stay in my head securely, but I didn’t do that now. Sometime I will always blame coursework, because too much coursework make me didn’t have time to study. I try to take a step back and look for the problem, then i realised, I spend too much time on fun stuff instead of the “real” stuff and I’m not concentrate at all every time I study or doing coursework, all result in, waste of time. This will be my reminder to start getting myself together and focus on my goal. 

Turning topic to something more casual. I have joined the jiujitsu seminar and competition happen at Exeter during the last weekend. For those who don’t know, I won a silver medal last year on the white belt middle weight category, but this year i win nothing and I’ve lost my wallet because I was too drunk to celebrate for … nothing. Actually I don’t really care about my wallet, because the more I think about it, the more stress I will get because the wallet was a present from my mum, it is quite sad but I can’t do anything now. The thing I concerned more is my jiujitsu, because I was shocked on my performance, “no pain no gain” is a truth and i have experience it through defeated by my opponent. The lesson I have learned is, no matter what you do, make sure you will get it done and put all the effort into it once you have started something, or else there is no point to start something you don’t want to finish it.

So after using two paragraph to criticise myself, I wanted to start over again. Let’s Restart !!!


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