Living at the moment forever

I really enjoy and like my life right now, even though it is not very interesting because i spend most of my time alone or with my friends, for others it might be very boring but for me, is enough.

Without worrying anything that involve money, from uni fee to life expenses, it is just feels like living in heaven, or perhaps this is what we call ” heaven on earth”. I get everything i want, do anything i want without any worry, but is this freedom ? I don’t know.

I used to be a person who worried everything that surrounded me and i guess i get tired. Now, i just be a person what i wanted to be, but is this something i’m proud to say, no. I said i enjoy my current life and i really do, but this life and what i had right now, are all from my beloved parents, thank you mum and dad.

I started to worry again, because time move on and there always something you have to face it or solve it. I always tell myself that try not to think about future because we will never know what will come, but this is a very irresponsible thought, because we can prepare even we don’t no what will come next, we always have to be prepared. But why we have to be prepared ? Does that mean we just scare of failure so that we do everything we can to be successful ? Maybe we can learn more from failure? What funny is, i know that the ultimate answer is to always to be prepared, but i will still keep on asking me those same old questions.

Look at that, i started to ask question again, worrying again.

I just wanted to live at the moment.


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