So Annoying

Don’t know since when i started to feel like speechless every time I’m talking with someone. My mind just went blank and I know that it is not because I have fallen in love with that people nor talking to someone too attractive. Started to wonder whether this is my problem or other’s problem.

I always believe I need to know more stuff, in another words, my life is too boring to share with others so it is necessary to earn some experience from doing more new stuff. When it comes to do new stuff, it can be terrifying but exciting, for me it is more terrifying, honestly.

I think all of these problem came from my confidence. Lack of confidence is one of my major problem of my social life, for example, I always filter my thoughts before I speak, but it end up with thinking too much, causing me don’t know what to say and nervous.

I always told me it is time to walk through my comfort zone and start experience new stuff, but it just a thought, i never did that. This is really annoys me and i really wanted to change.

Can’t blame anyone, because all i can blame is myself.


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