Home Alone

Holiday, everyone is going back home to meet their friends and family and celebrate christmas, but for a foreign who don’t celebrate christmas like me, can only stay at home whilst all of my housemate have gone back to their home.

So here I am, sitting in the living room alone and wondering will there be any burglar come to “visit” me while I am asleep during the night, since the area of my house got a lot of burglary happen before, so I have been practising my jiujitsu moves in the house.

Anyway, the house is empty now and I am the only one left in the house, so what should i do? Organise a house party!!But most of my friends have left the city and some are travelling right now. At the end, I am sitting on my living floor writing this blog.

Maybe is time to eat some junk food and MOVIE MARATHON !!!

Happy Winter Break guys !!!


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