Your opponent within.

This morning I am so mad about myself because I wake up late, later than what I have planned yesterday and the reason why I wanted to wake up early is because I wanted to go to gym in the morning so that i have enough time for studying at afternoon, but i ended up not going to gym because it was almost noon when i waked up.

It was surely a bad start of a day for me, but something cheer me up. My door bell rung while I was cleaning my dishes, not surprisingly, my bag that I ordered online have arrived. So waking up late actually is not that bad at all, because if I went to the gym and no one open the door for the postman, since I am the only one at home now, then I have to walk all the way to the nearby post office to collect my bag.

Anyway that was just a extra story of my life. The thing I want to say is that, bad habit is one fucking stubborn bitch that you can’t easily get rid of it.

Recently, I have bought a diet book and it called “The Gracie Diet”. Basically the book is telling you how to eat healthy and build up a healthy lifestyle, but the main reason I bought this book among all those diet books is because the author, Rorion Gracie, is one of the son of Helio Gracie, who also known as the creator of Gracie Jiu Jitsu. Since I am a jiujitsu practitioner, gracie family is always a role model for me, so now I want to know how they eat in order to get as efficient as them in jiujitsu.

In the book, it talks a lot about habit. The author define our bad habit as our opponent, who will use every technique to defeat you and he will only get better and better every time he defeated you.

Today I have been defeated by my inner opponent for waking up late and laziness. It is hard but I will remind myself that I won’t get defeated by the same technique again and I will overtake the technique next time.

Every moment you are in a battle with your opponent within. You can either obey to your opponent and be a slave or defeat him and take control your body and mind.

Stay strong my friend and keep it playful.


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