Family & Friends

Lately i have been watching ” Keeping Up With The Kardashians” , addictedly. What is on my mind is, how come their life can be so interesting, there always surprises, laughing, arguing and so much more. So people might think all of those stuff they have done on the show are fake, but why think at that way since you already watch the show, so why not just believe that maybe our own life can be as interesting as theirs.

Anyway, there are too many thing I can talk about that show, but I just wanted to focus on the ” communication” part. As a family communication plays a very important role and that shows up on the show, because everyone of them speak up what is in their mind instead of keeping it. Sometime speaking up might cause fighting in a relationship but a relationship without telling each other about your feeling is meaningless.

Family is really important to me and I got the best family member in the world, I have nothing to complain about, instead, be more appreciate from what they did. I am already a 20 years old, but all these years, I don’t think I have made a compliment about my parents on what they have done on their live or for me. They raised me up from a little baby to a men and now I have left home to fullfill my dream. For parents, I believe watching your kids growing up can be exciting and sometime quite sad, because they used to hang around with you all day long and suddenly they don’t need you to help them to do what they wanted anymore. Thinking about me and sister getting older now, soon my sister will  graduate her highschool and study abroad too, so by that time only left my dad and mom at the empty house, I feel sorry to my parents. I love you dad and mom, I will make you proud!!!

Now about friendship. Lately I am really confuse about things like secrets between friends or something you can’t say to your friend because he/she might get mad and blah blah black sheep. We call each other friend for a reason and I really don’t want to do this to my friends, maybe I just too naive to think that everything can be say to each other between friends, because that is what friends for. When you feel something wrong about her ,just tell her, don’t keep it in because this never end up well. When you have problem that really bother you, seek help from us and no one will judge you, even though we might not be able to help you but you got someone to share the pressure with, don’t take all the pressure yourself, friends for me is like second family honestly. When you done something that don’t want your friends to know, don’t do it next time, because you know that it will hurt your friends. Just make friendship simple, outside world is already complicated, so when I hanging out with my friends, I want it to be really simple, so simple that I don’t need to use my brain.

Say “Thank You” when someone help you, say “Sorry” when you are wrong and say “I love You” to the love one.


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