About Me

         Before I start to introduce myself, i would like to talk about where I come from. I come from a country called Malaysia, which is located at South East Asia. The weather at my country is hot and wet and we don’t have four season, we only have raining season and summer season. What so special about my country is, we have three main different races in a country, Malay, Indian and Chinese. It is fun to live  in a multi-culture country because you can learn so manything  from each other and I know a lot of language since i was a kid, I feel so lucky to born here.

         I come from a chinese family and go to chinese school since 5 years old. So I am a pure chinese, why I mention this is because not all chinese will go to chinese school since they were kids because there have a lot of different language school for different races, but basically all Malaysian know how to speak English because part of our culture are related to British.

         My family has five member me, my father, my mother and my sister and also include our dog. I don’t have a big house but i think this is enough for us and is easy to find someone when you need them. My father is a business man and my mother is a accountant both of them are the best parents in the world, what i have today are all because of them so i really appreciate and i love them.

         I have a lot of friends, but most of them are chinese because of my school, it is hard to meet Malay or Indian in Chinese school. After my family, i think my friends are the second most important thing for me. We go to same school for six years but some will even go to a same school for ten years, so our relationship are like brother and sister. We always hangout together when there is a holiday or sometime we will organize some Barbeque at one of the classmate house.

         So this is me, how about you ?


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