My Interests

When there have some free time, I believe everyone has their own favorite things to do, so am I.  First, I have to say that I am big sports fan, I’m not the kind that will spend my time at the indoor such as drawing, correcting or maybe gaming, I prefer outdoor. I started play basketball since I was 12 years old, my father affects part but some part is wanted to become famous because girls like boys who play basketball and I have no idea why. But soon I realize basketball is not my thing which mean I am bad at basketball, and I try so hard on it but I still can’t play it well and soon I started to loss the passion on basketball.

One day, my high school classmates ask me to join them for a morning bicycle ride, I sounds great, a new sport for me but the point is I was not on a bicycle since the day I choose basketball, it is almost six years from now, but why not take a shot. So my friend lend me his bicycle and we go to cycle around the city, at first it is quite scary but I get used to it very fast, maybe this is what I really have, the ability to ride bicycle. After that morning ride, I totally fall in love with cycling.

I go to buy my own bicycle the next week and here it is my first mountain bike (not counted the one I owned six years ago).

Half year later, I have myself a road bicycle because I have a good result at my school final exam and my parents bought me this machine.

Beside cycling, I am also a music man. The year I found music is also at 12 years old. The first instrument I had played is a Saxophone because I join the marching band, it looks cool and make you feel like Kenny G, but it is so hard to play, like the basketball, so I have given up again. At that time, my mother send my sister to learn piano, so she ask me why don’t you also go to learn something. She gives me some suggestions, guitar or drumming and I think why don’t learn these two at once, so my rocking journey start from that day. Soon, music have become a part of me because I love the feel that you can play a sound by yourselves instead of open a radio or CD player. I begins to form a band, find some of my friends, soon I have my own small band. Our band practice will held at my house every Sunday afternoon, we are really getting this very serious just wait for a chance to perform. It is great to have a band because we are my brothers and we experience the good and bad together, which I think is priceless. Our last performance was at our school graduation day, what a wonderful memory.

So these are the things that I will do when I am free, how about you then ?


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